Done within your budget. Done with Perfection.

Picking ASTRAPAC as your packaging partner is more than just price or quality, its a combination of traits that help give you a competitive advantage. These traits are the heart of our company to which we strive for each & everyday, it's the little things that matter most.


The most important of all. Without quality, price, turnaround & any other factor means nothing. At ASTRAPAC Quality is one of the most important aspects of our business. It is the reason why we chose “Packaging Perfection”, because if it isn’t perfect it doesn’t leave our plant.
Competitive Pricing
With high speed machinery, expert design & perfected production processes, we can compete with the best out there all whilst maintaining ASTRAPAC quality.
Quick Turn Around
Time is money. It’s simple; speed with quality is what we strive for, each & everyday. We’d rather not have to deal with an unhappy customer, so we get your job out when promised & when you want it. We go above & beyond to satisfy each & every one of our clients, because a happy client is the best kind of client.