Packaging has always been the very core of what ASTRAPAC does, its what we were founded on & what we remain 100% committed to. We believe that companies "invest" into packaging because it is a marketing avenue that is so crucial to winning what we call the "Battle of the Boxes" With ASTRAPAC's expertise we can help make your product stand out on the shelf whilst helping you build a strong reputable brand. With tons of customizations, we can guide you towards whats best for your product. We are proud to have produced innovative custom packaging for many product lines. Whatever size, shape, color or style you need we can do!
At any retail store the shelves are full of competing brands & products, for any given product a consumer is usually faced with at least 5-10 choices. Now the question is, which product ends up in their shopping cart? This is what we call the "Battle of the Boxes" It is a constant cut throat fight between products & it is usually the product that is back by the best advertising & best overall package design that wins. The packaging of your product on the shelf speaks volumes, it really could be the difference between a consumer picking up your product or your competitors product.  They say a picture paints a thousand words, well that is precisely what packaging does: "A package says more about a product than any advertisement. To a consumer, the appearance of a package speaks for itself" This is why we believe it is absolutely essential for companies to invest in high quality hi-impact packaging!
Together we can piece together the PERFECT Packaging Solution!

Possible Customizations

Standard Styles or Custom Designed
Pick from hundreds of designs, adjusted to allow various sizes or custom structural designing to build a box just for your product.
Board Types
SBS (Virgin Board - White Both Sides) + CRB (Clay Recycled Board - White on Top/Brown on Bottom) & other special order types. 14pt - 40pt.
Option of CMYK, C (Cyan), M (Magenta), Y (Yellow), K (Black) OR the option of over 1000 specific PMS colors
Aqueous Coating (AQ) or Ultra Violet Coating (UV) + Satin AQ + Soft Touch AQ
De-bossing & Embossing
Option of having a cello window applied to a cut out in the box, to allow your customers to see the actual product.
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