Custom Automotive Packaging for Parts & Products

Automotive products, parts & accessories come in all different sizes & shapes from little light bulb boxes to large filter boxes. We understand that you need a box that suits your automotive product, whether it be a heavy solid part that would need structural rigidity & strength or a small light filter that requires a lighter box. Some parts are heavy duty & some parts are fragile, we get that and tailor a packaging solution that is just right. 

ASTRAPAC has manufactured a wide variety of durable packaging for our clients parts, accessories & products. We work with you directly to assess your product requirements in terms of strength, style, shape & any innovative ideas that will make your product stand out. Our designers can design solutions in folding carton & even more heavy duty solutions in corrugate, should your product require it. We want to ensure your part or product makes it to your customer in perfect condition, just the way you intended.


Having produced for many clients in the automotive world, we have the hands on expertise to come up with unique designs, styles whilst ensuring the package does its job effectively. Effectively meaning protecting your product & effectively selling your product in the retail space. We run small volume automotive packaging (even under 5,000 boxes) & large volume packaging (up to & over 1,000,000 boxes) sometimes with over 50 SKU's. We have the know how to run various SKU's efficiently so that you always have packaging for the product you need. We also inventory for our clients & release on a JIT basis. We manage your packaging for you so that you don't have to worry it.

In particular we have produced packaging for products such as: 

  • Filters  
  • Bearings
  • Bumper Repair Kit
  • Car Ramps
  • Light Bulbs

These are a few of the products we have packaged in perfection. Call us 905 940 3019 or email us to learn more about our automotive packaging solutions & how we can help you!