What makes a good box?

There are hundreds of packaging companies or so called “packaging companies” out there but not all of them can give you a quality box. The process to creating a box is long & complex, whilst not rocket science it is a manufacturing process that is best left to the experts, those who have both the knowledge & most important, experience.

Now what creates a quality box or package?

• Good Structural Design: this is perhaps the most crucial. Why? Because what good is a box that doesn’t serve its intended purpose? A box or packaging itself serves several purposes, but its most essential purpose is to protect the product inside. No consumer wants to buy a product that has imperfections to it, no matter how small. With good structural design a box will protect its product ensuring that it gets to your customer the way you intended it to, whilst allowing for easy handling & convenience for consumers.
• Excellent Graphic Design: a box or packaging itself serves as crucial marketing tool. When consumers are staring at a retail shelf they see an average 3 or 4 competing products that are all screaming, Pick me! Pick me! There is never a shortage of competition & excellent graphic design can help a box jump out at a shopper & win what we call “The Battle of the Boxes”. Not only will it help sell your product but it will help you build a strong brand & reputation over time.
• Quality production: It’s one thing to have the best design & the best graphics but if the production of your packaging has poor workmanship, it’s all for nothing. It might surprise you, but consumers notice the little things like variation of colour, missing text, or badly formed box because of poor die cutting. It all counts to how one perceives your brand & your product, because if your package is poorly done, what does it say about your product? It speaks volumes!